5 Best Shade Protectors for Your Central Illinois Home

It’s finally summertime! Time for vacation, cool drinks and of course, sunburns. If you live in Central Illinois, you know how glaring the sun can be. Has anyone ever told you it’s rude to squint at your guests? Shade protectors are a great answer to the daily annoyances that the sun brings. There are hundreds of shade protectors on the market. You could grow a big tree, but you might have to wait 30 years. You could go with a big porch umbrella, but you’ll be chasing it across the yard when the wind picks up. If you want shade protection that lasts, have a shade protector installed by professionals. Your eyes and your guests will thank you.


Central Illinois Shade

Sunrooms are a favorite addition to any home. They offer shade and insect protection and are temperature controlled while allowing sunlight to permeate the space. Many families use their sunroom to entertain guests or simply enjoy the outdoors with their families year-round. These sunny spaces are attached to your home and designed to operate seamlessly with your home’s temperature control system. Sunrooms may not lower your energy bill if you choose to cool the room as an extension to your home. However, a well-built sunroom will be air-tight and will not cost significantly more to cool than other rooms in your house.

Screen Rooms

Screen rooms are a good option for homeowners that want the same shade, climate and insect protection of a sunroom but with an open-air atmosphere. These spaces can be built onto your home or built over your patio space. They can be integrated with your home’s electrical system to enable features like ceiling fans and overhead lighting. Screen rooms may lower the temperature inside your home by blocking the direct sunlight that enters through your windows while permitting indirect sunlight to provide your home with natural light.


Central Illinois Shade

Many of our awning customers started out with a large patio umbrella but got tired of chasing it across the yard on windy days. Awnings are traditionally secured to your home’s exterior while a fabric canopy provides shade to the space underneath it. This design gives you the freedom to place whatever outdoor furniture you want directly under your awning without having to maneuver around bulky pillars. This feature makes it a favorite for providing additional shade to your spa, pool, deck or balcony. Awnings may also lower your utility bills by keeping direct sunlight off your siding and windows while allowing your home to fill with natural light.


A pergola is a conversation starter for any garden or landscaped area. These structures allow more sunlight to pass than other shade protectors, which may be preferable if you plan to garden underneath it or simply love sunshine. Homeowners with green thumbs can grow climbing vines on their pergola for a “country garden” feel and full shade. Or they can simply let the sleek and minimal design of a pergola provide the aesthetic for them. If placed against your home’s exterior, a pergola can lower your utility bills by cutting your siding and window’s exposure to direct sunlight in half.

Patio Cover

Central Illinois Patio Cover

Patio covers are a great option for homeowners that want to shade more surface area than an awning can provide. These shade protectors are a favorite for covering a carport, BBQ area, or other outdoor recreation spots. They provide more weather protection than a pergola or awning. Plus they lower your utility bills by minimizing direct sunlight on your home’s exterior.

If you have ideas about your backyard but you’re not sure what kind of shade protection is best, give us a call at 309.717.0105 or fill out this form. Our sales team will give you a free, in-home estimate on your home improvement ideas. They have years design and installation experience and can tell you which shade protector will work best for you. If you’re interested in adding a sunroom to your home, our sales team is equipped with software that can project a sunroom right onto your home. You can see what your sunroom will look like before it’s even built!