Basement Waterproofing

5 Signs Your Illinois Home Needs Basement Waterproofing

1. Musty Smell

You know the smell. That smell has probably made your nose crinkle up at a relative or a friend’s older home. A musty-smelling home can be embarrassing if you’re hosting guests or inviting friends over, but it’s also a sign of a larger leakage problem. The odor is probably coming from mold or mildew in your home, and mold and mildew love dampness. Check around your home for damp spots where mold and mildew would thrive. If you find dampness in your basement, consider your need for a basement waterproofing system.

2. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew aren’t just symptoms of a basement leakage problem. They’re harmful for everyone living in your home. Mold has been known to cause an array of health problems from a stuffy nose to a severe lung infection. A 1999 Mayo Clinic study found that 93 percent of chronic sinusitis diagnoses are caused by mold. If you find mold or mildew on your ceiling, don’t just dab some bleach at it. Keep an eye on your family to make sure the mold isn’t affecting their health. After you’ve determined the mold isn’t toxic, investigate further to find the source of the wetness that mold thrives in. If you find it coming from your basement walls or floor, it’s time to waterproof the basement.

3. Water Damage

Basement Waterproofing

This is the most obvious sign that your basement needs waterproofing. Water damage can come in the form of water stains, sitting water, damp basement walls, bowing walls and ceilings or cracks in your wall. There are DIY options to repair a home that’s taken on water damage. But if you really want a permanent solution to a leaky basement, you’re going to want to purchase a full basement waterproofing system.

4. Soggy Backyard

A good sign that your basement could use some waterproofing is a soggy backyard. If there’s a lot of groundwater near your home, there’s a good chance it’s invading your basement, drip by drip. A marshy landscape may be out of your control, but you can certainly prevent your basement from leaking with a basement waterproofing system. In the meantime, try draining your backyard with a French draining system.

5. Low Elevation

Just because you live far from the ocean doesn’t mean you’re safe from water damage and flood risk. In Illinois, flooding accounts for over 90% of declared disasters. Use an elevation map to compare your home’s elevation to the river stage levels. If you live close to a river or your home sits in a flood plain, consider purchasing a basement waterproofing system. During flood season, monitor the weather for flood warnings or advisories and STAY SAFE. Basement waterproofing won’t be able to save your home from severe flooding, but it may prevent water damage caused by minor flooding and increased groundwater.

Basement Waterproofing

There are tons of DIY techniques to waterproof your home, but we wouldn’t necessarily call them “solutions.” These techniques are always temporary at best. For a long-term basement waterproofing solution, we recommend B-Dry. B-Dry has been waterproofing basements since 1958, and they have an amazing reputation from previous customers. This system addresses the five most common ways that water enters your basement: seepage where the floor meets the wall, through cracks in the floor, dampness or wetness on basement wall, and standing water. The B-Dry System drains water into a high-capacity B-Dry pipe using weep holes. B-Dry’s waterproofing membrane Rigid Sealer keeps water from seeping in through your basement walls.

One thing we love about B-Dry is that after it’s installed, any tile, wood floors, or other floor covering can be installed on top of your floor slab. Peoria Siding and Window is a certified B-Dry installer. Unlike other basement waterproofing companies, we don’t subcontract. That way you know you will be getting the best service and professional workmanship available. To request a free in-home estimate, fill out this form or call (309) 717-0105.

Illinois Gutter Guard

Picking the Best Gutter Guard for your Illinois Home

If you’re in the market for a gutter guard system, you probably already know how many choices you have. There are hundreds of gutter guard companies, and they all offer different drainage systems, colors, materials, warranties and installation processes. The right choice will be a gutter guard that drains well and expels debris. In Peoria, Illinois it rains an average of 117 days out of the year! With so much precipitation, it’s especially important to have a functional and durable gutter system. There’s a lot of choices out there, but we think Gutter Helmet is the best. By the end of this article, you’ll know why. Here’s some questions you should ask before you choose a gutter guard system.

1. How long will my gutter guard last?

Not all gutter guards are created equal. The type of materials used, the type of gutter system, and the installation process can all factor into the durability of your gutter guard. For example, soft foam gutter guards have their benefits, but they’re often flimsy and damage easily. The hard truth is that cheaper gutter guards will not last as long as quality brands. If you go with a trusted professional, you’ll save money on replacement costs, maintenance costs and you’ll get a great warranty to protect your investment.

Consider Gutter Helmet…

The key to Gutter Helmet’s durability is in it’s PermaLife High Performance Coating. PermaLife’s 5-layer process ensures that your gutter guard system won’t crack, chip, peel, chalk or fade for the life of the product. Plus, once you register your new Gutter Helmet system, you’ll get a transferable lifetime warranty!

2. Will the gutter guard look good on my home’s exterior?

gutter guard

Functionality is good, but you never want a home improvement project to make your home look worse than it did before you started. Theoretically, the standard chrome and white options should work for every home because they’re neutrals. However, these color options can make your exterior look cheap. To pick the best gutter guard color, you should consider your roofing and siding colors. Gutter guards often look best when coordinated with your roofing color. Whatever your choice, a quality gutter guard system should improve your curb appeal.

Consider Gutter Helmet…

Gutter Helmet comes in 9 different color options, including brown, charcoal, pale gray, bronze, green, sand, timber, black and even copper. That’s the benefit of using a brand-name gutter system! If you need help choosing a color, you can speak to one of our gutter experts here at Peoria Siding and Window.

3. Will debris collect on top of my gutter guard?

Some experts claim that no matter what gutter system you purchase, you’re still going to get debris collecting on top of your home. We disagree. Debris means more gutter cleaning, which is NOT what you signed up for.

  • Mesh-style gutter guard systems have to be cleaned occasionally because the debris sits on top of the screen and must be removed manually.
  • With a bottle-brush gutter guard, you will definitely have to clean your gutters occasionally. This system is designed so that the brush will capture debris and the rainwater will run freely underneath it. However, there is no process for automatic debris disposal.
  • Solid gutter systems that aren’t pitched forward can also allow debris to collect on top of your gutters. Some debris needs the added push of an angled gutter guard system to fall off your rooftop.
  • Surface tension gutter guards without a nose-forward design often get debris trapped in the gap between your gutter and your gutter guard. Eventually, you’ll have to climb up and clean it.

Consider Gutter Helmet…

Gutter Helmet uses a surface tension system to keep debris out of your gutters. Rainwater’s adhesive property allows water to drain easily into your gutters as heavy debris slides onto the ground. Gutter Guard’s solid covering has a nose-forward design which extends past your gutters, leaving a 3/8″ slit that allows rainwater to flow freely.

4. How will the installation process affect my home?

gutter guard

Gutter guard installation is one of the more complicated home improvement projects. Some gutter guard systems may damage your exterior when installed by uplifting roof shingles or weighing down your existing gutter system. If you go with an amateur installer, they may damage your exterior by moving to quickly. Some have even tried to nail gutter guards into the roof!

Consider Gutter Helmet…

Gutter Helmet uses reinforced heavy-gauge aluminum alloy brackets to fix your gutter guard system to your gutters. Our installation system is designed to leave minimal damage to your exterior and actually strengthens and supports your existing gutters. Peoria Siding and Window is a professional Gutter Helmet installation company. We’ve been in business for over 41 years and know all the do’s and don’ts of gutter guard installation.

5. Do I need a completely new gutter system?

Some home improvement companies ONLY do gutter systems. Some ONLY do gutter guards. If you’re adding a gutter guard system, now may be the perfect time to replace your gutter system as well. Make sure that the company you’re using is willing to work with you on your vision for this project.

Consider Gutter Helmet…

Gutter Helmet can be installed over existing or new gutter systems. If you’ve decided your gutter system needs an upgrade, Peoria Siding and Window can install both a new gutter system and a gutter guard. We’ve been installing gutters for many years and are a professional Gutter Helmet-certified installation company.

Obviously, we’re a little partial to Gutter Helmet. Who can blame us? Remember how I told you that Illinois rains an average of 117 out of the year? Well Gutter Helmet can handle twice the heaviest rainfall ever recorded! That’s enough gutter protection no matter where you live! Plus, we have a 15% off sale going on right now. You can claim your discount by filling out this form or calling (309) 717-0105. If you’re not located near us, our sister companies at JBD Siding and Window in Galesburg Illinois and Cramer Siding and Window in Champaign Illinois can take care of all of your needs.


Eliminate Chores From Your To-Do List

1. Cleaning the Shower and Tub

Cleaning the bathroom is perhaps the grossest of all chores. It’s dirty, slippery and smelly. I’d estimate that 80% of domestic arguments begin with, “No, I cleaned the shower last time.” Unfortunately, because of things called “hygiene” and “proper sanitation,” there’s no getting around it.

Mold and mildew are bound to sprout up, UNLESS you’ve purchased a shower or tub from our sister company, Custom Bath Solutions. Their showers and tubs are made out of a non-porous acrylic material guarded by Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection. Silver Shield™ guarantees that your shower or tub will be mold, mildew and maintenance-free for as long as you own your home. Now you can stop scrubbing and start sudsing in the most beautiful bathroom you’ll ever own.

2. Re-staining the Deck

You wouldn’t trade those long summer days spent playing outside with the kids and grilling with a cool drink in your hand for anything in the world. Last Friday, you noticed that your deck has begun to fade, just like it does every 2 years. Now you’re spending your weekend out in the sweltering heat with a paintbrush in your hand and a mixture of sweat and tears in your eyes. Does this sound familiar?

If you had Fiberon Horizon decking, you’d never have to stain your deck again. That’s because Fiberon Horizon decking is protected by PermaTech coating, resulting in a deck that’s resistant to stains, scratches, splits, mold, mildew, moisture, insects and best of all, hard labor.

3. Cleaning the Gutter


Cleaning the gutter probably takes second place on our grossest chore ranking. It’s certainly the riskiest chore many people have to do. Nobody likes sticking their hand in gutter goop! If you’re afraid of heights, you’ve probably had nightmares about dangling from your gutter like Clark Griswold. For the sake of your sleep, you should get Gutter Helmet. Gutter Helmet’s patented, maintenance-free design will keep leaves, twigs and other debris out of your gutter. Now you’ll never have to scale your house again, unless your house needs repainting…

4. Re-painting Your House

This task can feel like a beast if you have a large house or more than one story. The paint on your exterior is most likely peeling because your siding is made out of wood or metal. These materials are especially vulnerable to bad paint jobs and weathering. According to one expert, about 1 in 10 exterior paint jobs go awry. If you had vinyl siding, the paint would never peel because there would be no paint.

Even better, if you had our Integra Vinyl Siding your siding would never rust, crack, peel, rot, dent or fade. Come visit our showroom for the lowdown on all of our truly maintenance-free siding.

5. Cleaning Your Windows


Okay, we can’t really make it so you never have to clean your windows. We’re not magic! But half the battle of cleaning your windows is running in and out of your home like an indecisive cat to clean both sides of the window pane. We can help you with that.

Most of our Preservation Windows have tilt-in top and bottom sashes to make cleaning safe and easy from inside your home. Now you can stay inside and bask in the sunlight coming in through your brand new windows just like your spirit animal.