Adding a sunroom to your home not only increases the value of your house but also gives you an addition to your home that allows you to bring the outdoors, inside.

With an array of sunroom styles, colors, finishes, and door styles, you can customize your outdoor living space to be just how you imagined in your head!


California Style

California sunrooms utilize a unique split-level design to help create a fresh and exciting dimension for additional light reception. These sunrooms allow you to enjoy the full beauty of the outdoors with stunning views, while eliminating the problems associated with inclement weather, bugs, and other pesky annoyances. An ideal space for personal relaxation or setting up a pool table for fun with the whole family, a California sunroom can add both value and style to your home.

Cathedral Style

Dramatic use of light and space drive our cathedral sunroom, patio room, solarium, conservatory, and patio enclosure designs. Adding a new dimension to your home and lifestyle, this extraordinary patio and sunroom offers unbroken panoramic views beneath a front vaulted glass wall of your surrounding landscapes. Delivering an open and airy sensation far beyond the actual space it occupies, your Cathedral solarium, sunroom, patio room or enclosure will let you stretch out in luxurious living every day.

Conservatory Style

The Glass Room Conservatory… Recreating classical architectural designs with maintenance-free and energy efficient modern structures, Four Seasons Sunrooms offers masterpieces of design in its English-Style Conservatories — where classical design and contemporary construction combine for the ultimate in all-season luxury living.

Curved Style

These sunrooms have a graceful curved eave to compliment the existing roofline. The lines and elegant symmetry of our curved eave solarium designs complement your home’s existing roofline for a polished, finished look. Choose this beautiful sun room patio enclosure and you’ll own the solarium that made Four Seasons famous. Select a solarium with a slim, contemporary aluminum profile, or one with the warm natural feel of Northern White Pine beams. All-year comfort is standard with every sun room patio enclosure!


A glass sunroom or patio enclosure brings the outdoors in, all year long simplicity and subtlety make the straight lines of our classic glass sunroom a seamless addition to your home. Our patio enclosure models include traditional and contemporary designs, with finished aluminum exteriors and interiors, and even natural wood interior beams in some styles. Choose a Sun and Shade glass sunroom with year-round comfort and energy efficiency.